Host, Maria-Karmina Sits Down with Jordan Clarkson

So to all of you trade rumor starters, don’t hold your breath because we will most definitely see the best version of Jordan Clarkson this year.

Be My Guest, Bruna.

Founder & EIC @probwithdating | intimate conversation strategist | writer of things | business inquiries only:

Be My Guest, Thundercup.

Popular Demand Marketing Manager, Monica Lin better known as Thundercup sits down with Maria-Karmina for a closer look into who she is, how she maintains professionalism in a male dominated environment and some advice to young girls trying to get into her industry.

Maria-Karmina Hosts, The Bank Sale 2017

Comic Con 2017

The Great Wall

Maria-Karmina sits down the Director of "The Great Wall" starring Matt Damon -- who was the latest to handle the questions of "why did you chose a white man to play an asian character?" Director Zhang Yimou put it all to rest.

New York

Sweater Beats talks to Maria-Karmina and helps in celebrating Filipino American Heritage Month (FAHM) in this recap video from the infamous Elements Festival at the Brooklyn Waterfront in New York.


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