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Your LA Girl Karmina

What does MKL mean?

MKL was a nickname given to me by a friend who believes that I represent:




It's also the initials of my full name.


For those that are new, welcome to my blog! This began about 6 years ago as a random, motivational/love blog that allowed me to have an outlet to express my feelings incognito. So if you scroll down into other posts, you may find a motivational post here and there to enjoy. But from here on out, this blog will intentionally be filled with event coverage. So I know you're thinking to yourself, "yeah, yeah. So why should I read your blog versus every other outlet that's trying to do event coverage?"

1). I'm writing it, which should be reason enough.
2). Each post will ALWAYS end with a motivation behind the event. Anything I attend is to help inspire an audience and bring awareness to something. It's not just an overview of what happened at a free concert or festival that your local radio station helped get you into.

Karmina's Cookies

Maria-Karmina is on the hunt for the best cookie in your city! Let her know where you're from and where she can find the best!