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About Me

Where I'm from

An island girl who finds the most peace when she is closest to the ocean. 

The real me

Los Angeles living & breathing.

Things I love

Poetry. Love.

The Lesson

Where I'm From


How many people do you know, I mean REALLY know -- made it?

I know I made it my point to be the one who made it. I started off young, writing on a typewriter. Talking to family members as if I was interviewing them. I didn't know how I was going to make it, I just knew I would.

My Dad taught me early on, that this world is what you make it. You create your own environment. It all starts with a vision, what you can imagine you can create. I came up from a poor class, not having much to spare. And I never had it, but I could see it in my head -- I always felt the energy of it.

It was all real to me.

As I grew up and actually began to meet my idols, become friends with heavy industry leaders -- was when I realized that they believed what I believed. Imagining it. Changing the world, changing their world. 

A lot of people didn't believe, but I did.

I used my imagination to create what would become, my reality.

The Real Me

Imagine you had everything you wanted, and imagine you were everything you ever wanted to be.

Then capture that feeling.

That's the law of attraction that changed my life.

The key is: PATIENCE.

Begin by knowing what you want and then enjoy the journey (with patience).

What does MKL mean?

MKL was a nickname given to me by a friend who believes that I represent:




It's also the initials of my full name.


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